My Artsy Life

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little Holly - Goes away!

Ah is hard to say goodbye! I have a friend in the neighborhood I live at that is moving away to Arizona. I made this doll for her going away Von Voyage party. She is a cute little one who will soon find her way to my friends new place.  May you always be bless in your journeys ahead!

So people come and people go. Nothing a little doll wont cure!


Abi said...

She is lovely... what a lucky friend you have! how do you get time to make dolls with a baby?!

Brenda Figueroa said...

Hi Sweet Abi how poignant that you should be the first one leaving a comment now you truly my kindred spirit friend. I love love your dolls and follow your blog too - which is so pretty to say the least. I am just starting my blogging life and trying hard to keep up with what I want still learning the blogging life. As for my sweet boy well when he goes to sleep and when dad takes care of him you see me running to my little studio to play! I have to admit many times something else stays undone just so I can play dolls. I love making them!