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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two cute little girls

is being a while i have to say i had the worse summer cold i had in a very long time.

i want to share a picture of these two little girls who are now living with the their happy new owners...

a little about them! 

the girl in blue went to puerto rico to stay with my mom, and her name is "elsita" my mom is keeping on with me and my family thru email and internet and she is new to this life, so is really cute when she talks to me and says ah i like this doll name "elsita"i place her on my favorites. so i immediately thought i need to send it to her. and i have to say it makes you happy inside to share with your love ones this little pieces of artistic moments.  she was really happy when she got it. and it make me happy too hear her tell me where is the doll seating in her house. ahh the little things that will make you feel good and mellow inside.

the other little girl dress in cream colors is name fabiola (my daughters name) and she came to me as an inspiration as i listen to that song butterfly kisses she is with my daughter who is in her second year of college.

ah that is all i have for now my friends! 

hugs and peace, lafiorevida

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