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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suzi BLu - Underground Skool

Hello there readers!!! Ha-ha, I think I have always wanted to use that phrase...!
Today I want to tell you a little story that touches me and my art deeply...and it involves an online personality named Suzi Blu. 
I found Suzi on “youtube”. It was the afternoon after I got layed-off while I was 4 months pregnant. I came home full of confusing emotions, one because I really wanted to be a stay at home mom, second, I wasn't sure how I was going to use my time anymore while waiting for my little one. I went to youtube searching for that “something” and I found Suzi after a journal prompts search. I have to admit that while watching all her online videos over and over again I was waiting to see when the next one was going to be posted.  I couldn't get enough of her talent and down to earth ways, and it was a couple of months later that her second petite workshop came on and I have been a student of her underground school ever since.  

In my experience Suzi can be witty, personal, sincere, and honest with no fear to tell you exactly what is on her mind. I like that about her, you don't know what to expect next, I like the element of surprise. I think she has a perfect personality to do what she does. I talk about her to my friends and family, I have to admit that Suzi has been a source of inspiration. I like her attitude and I think of her often when I say things to myself “like who you think you are?” I say “ I am an artist, Suzi says so”  she has been a pivotal point in my creative life and separation from the corporate numbness. I am staying at home taking care of my sweet little one, taken moments to play away, and creating an online presence for myself, believing in myself and my art.

Beautiful freinds become sisters
Oh Mary

Love the chat rooms, the first time I talk to everyone online I was so excited I got the “that is what I want to see” from Suzi, and I think I got the “what a yummy studio” comment to.

My studio - "is messy"

I have to say feeling good while you do something you love is what Suzi’s school is all about. I feel I have lots of friends with the same interest. I have actually made a very good friend thru SB school, who lives in my hometown Atlanta, we both have babies, and love art. What else can a girl ask for? YEP! Thank U Suzi!

Brenda Figueroa, Baby Nico, Denise Sauer, and Jai
I am to meet Suzi Blu in person, YEAY! Next May 2010 when she comes to North Carolina to the inspire workshop,  

I have been looking forward to a personal class for a very long time. I did the chicken dance or something like it once I hit that pay button!
You can find her at Come join us in the fun!
Good day to you all my friends!

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michelle renée bernard said...

Your studio IS yummy! And I love all your work.