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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Purplely Witch

This little one came to me in a dream, "Hey Brenda Im ready to come to live with you in Elmira" she said.

So that morning I drew her but of course she did not come out as plan. As you can see she is not wearing pants. I think we dollmakers know that this little ones just want to be made and sometimes (often) they have their own plans for what they want. Is so magical sometimes.

Bellow, are the almost finish pictures.  I still have to make her book of spells!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party 2010: THE PRACTICAL MAGIC BLOGGER'S PARTY - WON'T YOU CO...

Practical Magic Blog Party 2010: THE PRACTICAL MAGIC BLOGGER'S PARTY - WON'T YOU CO...

Oh dear I hope I am doing this correctly I am still trying to figure out how the bloggin world works! But Yippie please count me in! Not only is practical magic one of my favorite movies!  The sincronicity of finding this party blog (at Abi Monroe's blog) was amazing. The night before I dreamt on making my first whichy doll. I draw her that morning and then I found this party site....I cant hardly wait. I am reading the book now but still think I choose the movie for the party!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little Holly - Goes away!

Ah is hard to say goodbye! I have a friend in the neighborhood I live at that is moving away to Arizona. I made this doll for her going away Von Voyage party. She is a cute little one who will soon find her way to my friends new place.  May you always be bless in your journeys ahead!

So people come and people go. Nothing a little doll wont cure!

Little dolls Pictures

Hello world! I been trying so much to keep this blog updated! Is not easy! Life gets hectic as we all know! In particular when you have a little sweet boy who is eight months old and is learning new tricks daily. So your time is spent making sure he learns and plays while you keep him safe from any harm! That said I want to start adding my pics of the work I do when he is sleeping or when awesome daddy is with baby Nico and I get to play myself!

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