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Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing my latest doll - "Journey" and her dollie "Gratitude"

Hello everyone! I have not blog in ages it seems! Although every day I journal and one of the things that keep coming in my pages is write in your blog!

My latest post talked about my dearest dolls that went away on a trip far away from my studio!!! Well even thou I was in a time crush because I was traveling to my home island Puerto Rico, I decided to make myself a doll with the promise that she will stay with me. And so here she is!

Her name is Journey! I stamped in her body her name "Journey" as a reminder that life is just that a journey of a path that you have to choose! And I choose to live mine with gracefulness! She is a very special doll, her dress is made of an antique doll dress from the 1940's ! Her eyes are handmade by me, and even thou I was rushing to have her done before the New Year kick in, she is a very special reminder of how I choose to live my life! 

This past year let me with the beautiful blessing of being the stay at home mommy of my 13 months old baby boy Nico! Who is a total blessing in the life of this 40 something....year old girl! Yeah girl! Cause that is what I am! Little did I know that when I used to play with my grandmothers hands admiring her wrinkles, and she use to say "we are always the same inside no matter what the reflection in your mirror tells you" She was so right!!! OMG! Was she! Because now when I see myself getting older and older in that reflection, I am still younger and younger INSIDE!!!!  

A very special and heart felt THANKS! To everyone who posted comments on my latest blog about my dolls "goodbye" piece! It helps so much to hear about others kind opinions!!! I do feel better about it now!! I even made amends and gave dolls to very special people in my life!! I did learned to be mindful about my giving!!! For sure!

Happy New YEAR! To all! And may this one count!!  Blessed YOU all Be!

Art Hugs! 
"Life is a Flower"


Sue said...


Christianne Teixeira said...

Hi Brenda, I just loved your beautiful dollies!! Thank you for following my blog. Happy new Year, abrazos, Chris

Anonymous said...

siempre has tenido talento sigue me imajino que cada muñeco tiene un significado que marca tu vida bonito hoobie sigue delante amiga Dios te bendiga andy

Angel said...

Awesome dolls !!!

Art whispers by Adriana A. said...

I LOVE your art dolls !! awesome pretty! ♥Ady