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Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Becoming an Artist

Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still. 
Henry David Thoreau
Life’s journey is a mysterious one. I have become an artist in my late years with a passion and fascination that makes me wonder where will I be if I have follow the path I thought I should when I was graduating high school instead of falling on the trap of going with the rest of the crowd. I remember clearly what people said about studying art!  You will make no money, you starve to death...and so on! 
What if I have listen to the advice of a distance cousin that told me “Brenda get a part time job and go to a far away college” “it will give you independence” Instead I choose to be closer to home, I went to a college near my house and travel back and forward to my home. As a result my studies and my life suffer from the “je no se qua” syndrome. I end up studying biology, international business, and french none of which have nothing to do with my pursue of art or phycology which are the things that are calling on me now.  None of my studies have anything to do with my career when I was in the corporate world. 
Thank GOD is never to late to pursue what you want to do or be! How say we are so pressure for the need of making money instead of loving what you do! 
Who says a teenager graduating from high school knows exactly what to study while in college!? I think years and maturity gives you that knowledge, bless are those that know going in that their chosen profession is their real calling. I know I wasn't pursuing my purpose but instead going to college like everybody else was, cause you know you have to go to college after high school. Why the hurry to go to college and graduate to start working? Why are we in such a hurry to live life? What if I have taken time to discover what I really wanted to do? What if I just discover me, what where my wants and needs? Well these are the questions I post to myself, not in a form of regrets but as a recapitulation of my life choices. 
All I know is this, as long as I am alive I have the choice to be and to become whatever I  so desire. I know now something very important it doesn't matter the time it takes to arrive at a certain place or the end result but living each moment and your chosen path with passion and intention.
And so it is with all in life. I have in the last two years of my life seen my life entirely change, from having the corporate life to becoming an artist full of passion for every little thing I do. I may not have the money I did while working, but money is not enough if for it you have to sell your soul. I am lucky that in the last couple of years I have gotten to discover a part of me that was always there dormant in my heart. 
I am an artist, because I believe I am.  I love what I do and is never to late to become exactly what you want to be, and follow it whole heartily and I am.


"Life is a Flower"

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