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Monday, April 4, 2011

There is no place like home!

There is no place like home!
And there is no place like my home studio! Home is everywhere my heart is!
Yes indeed! I am a home body I think this is an afflcition that all artist share! How can you create all the things you have in your mind if you are not close to an easel, a drawing table, your paints...! I love my studio, it has taken me two weeks to get it somewhat normal and it still not there. All the walls that use to be light purple are all white. White as a canvas! It was hard to get it all done, I have so much stuff... that is still piling up in my tables, and porch! But, I get there little by little, and soon I will share the photos of my new studio! 
Neighbors often tell me wow we havent seen you! I laught and say to myself if you only new everything that I am involve in...ning networks, blogs to write, online workshops, creations to come to life. They all understand once they walk into my studio and see all the eye candy that is there!!! 
I dable on anything these days, I am in a search for something more, and I do know that everyday I spent doing the things I love, is one step closer to that total feeling of completness, I am such a lucky girl! 

Today I got out early on, got my little one his own easel, with crayons, chalk, and paint, he is now napping so I am able to get some lines in, but honestly cant wait for him to get up and start playing.
I know and getting away from the subject but all this is to yell out loud - I am so happy staying at home taken care of my sweet little boy, while I dream away every chance I get on some creative endeavour. 
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I have my allergy pills and my notebook full of plans, ideas, things to do, etc....And I am so happy to be able to just be and do what I so want and desire!
I have just sign up for the “Soul Restoration class" by Melody Ross I am very happy about that, is starts tomorrow and I cant hardly wait. I guess I will have to make time to clear my table today and set myself up for tomorrow where I be at my studio in the company of such a great woman. If you dont know who I am talking about go and check out her website,  The also have a daily truth that is free to sign up for, it comes to your inbox every day, and the times that the sincronicity of their message coincides with my path is undeniable. This is her youtube channel, guarantee you find an inspiration that will make you soar.

Life is amazing! I am full of wonder at how the choices you make and every step you take brings you closer to the person you are today! That glorious you, is so wonderful to take in all your experiences, regrets, forgive yourself as others and just go on living...decorating that house you are! You are your home!
Home is where your heart is and mine is everywhere I go! Thank You GOD for all the blessings!
“Life is a Flower”

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