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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Art Journaling Experience a Free ClAsS

Hello all my sweet sweet people! I am so happy to introduce this new class, The Art Journaling Experience! And TOTALLY FREE! 

Journaling has change my life in many ways, it has the power to transform your life if you let it! You can deal with your emotions be happiness, or a difficulties....! I want to share this powerful tool with all of you!

I am calling this class the Art Journaling Experience, in this class I will share my own journals...which I have a lot, I share my inspiration and the people that have inspired me to be where I am now in this beautiful journey! 


The Art Journaling Experience is a group of Art Journaling for lafiorevida@ning members. I will post videos of my art journals, subjects to journal about, how to create your own personalize journal and many more things.

I will post my journal pages by a specific subject and show you the process, I will share a one topic at the time, and what inspires me. 

Gather your magazines, old books, favorite quotes....etc.

Topics I will play with are, forgiveness, achieving balance, frienships, building a tribe of kindred spirit artist, and things like that! 

Thank you so much for sharing with me this very precious moments!

Art Hugs,


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Sofia Dabalsa said...

I am so doing this! Gonna go to the dollar store today and get me a composition book!! :)