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Friday, August 26, 2011

I am here God!

So! I just dont even know where to begin! So God, please help me, quiet my mind, lift my spirits....give me patience! let me hold on to my dreams...

remember to hold on to your dreams

today is just another day in the life of this SAHM, with the only twist that twice a week I get to have a morning for myself while my cute toddler goes to a morning program at church! I packed all of my goodies, laptop, notebook, I make sure I export a promo video so when I get to Barnes and Nobles I can blog, add a video, promote my class...and well things dont always work out as plan

i am all excited except when I open my video on youtube is not what I wanted and now I am not at home so I cant do anything but seat in here in this table Im sharing - with a stranger listening music in front of me, and pow! I say to myself is okay when you get home you can do it all over again. Except friends I am overwhelmed, tired, and impatient. So that is when all kicks in for this simple girl, I almost have tears of frustration {but i dont want this stranger seating in front of me to see me crying and in Barnes and Nobles of all places ;-)}

so i say to myself write about this experience...and most importantly girl remember - remember God! So i pray!!

" Dear God, here I am! Im showing up to the life i love and want to lead, to the things i care for, i am here for my family, for my friends, i want the simple and beautiful life i am dreaming of...Keep me in your arms as I go thru these moments of self doubt, frustrations...silly things that go wrong cause I am always in a constant state of go go go go!
Help me to remember why im doing what i am has save me, art keeps me alive!  and then a sense of peace comes over and i remember, i want to have fun, i want to share what i have learned thru these years of art and play, i want to build a community of like minded, kindred spirit friends! Is not about money or success, is about doing what i love doing, is about believing in myself and in my art! is about sharing this passion that is about to burst inside !

and yes i be going home to continue working towards my dreams, my life, breathing thru my frustrating experiences...and showing up to the life i want to lead with GodSpeed!!!

as i seat here and finish this post i am reminded of the beautiful things life has to offer, i am here God, thank you for the sweetness in my life!


after a while now back at home, after a good nap, after reading a couple of good pages, finalizing that video I talked about, here it is....! Thank you for sharing, leave me comments I really love those!



Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi Brenda,

I really needed this today. I have had a rough couple of days and your post helps me to remember to keep going no matter what. I think I will go and create something to lift this funk. Thank you!

Brenda Figueroa said...

Sofia girlie! We gonna have to build our own tribe and go seat down for an awesome cup of tea, maybe seating at the shore of a beautiful beach! Thank you for your comment I love it!

Christianne Teixeira said...

Hi sweet Brenda!!! I was waiting for your promo video!! Yay! I have a question...could it be a leather suitcase??? Abrazos desde Brasil ;D

Brenda Figueroa said...

Hey Christiane! Your comment lifts my spirits today how sweet! Yeay Brazil awesomeness! I havent try leather yet, I dont see why you couldnt but if you have a chance I probably find something else!!! Join me I am building little by little a sweet and playful corner! I love your art!