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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Im not afraid I am not afraid

I am on my way to big things I can feel them in my heart and this moment Im in the process of taking an e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts, called Flying Lessons Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Business Soar"

One of the topics we discuss so far is Fear! I sat with the information for a couple of days and all of the sudden one of my biggest fears came to me....and as soon as it happen I said a prayer and the fearfull moment although very vivid and clear dissipated because I face it head on!

Loving each moment of my life, I am strong I can do this....!

I have been filming an online class and every step of the way I am facing one fear after another. My fears said to me; Who do you think you are? What if you don't make it? What if after all you are not good enough? Are you having a grandiose dream of becoming rich and famous?

And then this quiet voice came over me and said,

Brenda you are doing something you love and are passionate about. You are not trying to get famous or having lots of money come to you... YOU just want to do something you like to do, and whatever comes with it you will embrace it wholeheartedly! After all, What you want the memories of you to be like? I know! You want people to love you for who you are, to say she was a dreamer, an adventurer, she was passionate about what she believe in, and she was not afraid to go for it...!

This is my journal page right after I figure out what I really was afraid of! 
And so I say not that I never be afraid again, but instead when that moment do come Im ready to face it,  to push those boundaries and to go for it ANYWAY!

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Tammy Olson said...

Hi Brenda,
Just found your blog through the e-course. I really like your dolls that you make, they are incredible! I'd love to see some of your process in making them. I'll have to look at your blog more to see if you talk about this. See you in class.

Jamie Burch said...

Hi, Brenda! You and your blog are so inspiring. What your create is amazing. I wish I could do that! Happy to be stopping over from the e-course. Take care...:)

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Way to go, Brenda! It is scary...and then liberating to kick down those walls, isn't it? Enjoy taking flight!

Cindy Jones Lantier said...

Hi -- just stopping by from Flying Lessons. What a great experience you had today. Love the journal page that came from it. Good luck with your online course! You can do it!