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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Art Journaling Post - Be Mindful, Living in the Moment

hello sweet kindred spirits!!!
here is another post this time is all about been mindful, or living this one moment to the fullest!
i want to share this amazing journey with all... of you! I have recently found a book name “Tranquilista” and I am enamored with the sweetness concept this book brings to life. You should check it out, here is the authors website, 
so i am pursuing in my life more mindfulness, thru meditation, yoga, and just been right here where I am, in this splendid moment...
i have been so busy - but the nicest busiest kind! I love making art, and these past couple of weeks have been all about creating art... Once I finish I will post the photos of all the new paintings coming up..eye candy for sure! i have a coming art show, the biggest I ever been in so hence is a big deal for moi!

bellow close up photos of my newest art journaling page, hope you like and enjoy it very much, as much as me bringing you this post at least... ;-) If you have not yet join my group is free, so why now!! Sketches of the dolls are also available, go to to become a member of the "art journaling experience group"

the little messages bellow are the ones I added into my art journal... playing with the subject of been mindful! Is nice if you come up with your own ways of been in the moment of course! I do hope to inspire you!

  • slow down 
  • take time to smell a flower 
  • eat a raisin
  • smile to a stranger
  • say hello to your neighbors
  • make a habit to show love to your partner, kids, friends
  • listen real good
  • stop everything for your kids - they grow so soon
  • meditate
  • reflect on your day
  • laugh out loud
  • be grateful for 5 small things each day
Hope you all enjoy the eye candy, and playful ways!
Happy Friday!
Life is a Flower

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Karen Ellis said...

this is fabulous, lady!!!! Love it LOADS!!! to eat a raisin :)

Brenda Figueroa said...

yeah...i heard that in a podcast by Kimberly Wilson..she is so inspiring...! and is so true i did bought some raisins myself and is so real when you do savour it!! they are so yummie if you dont just golf them down!! hehe!

Linda said...

Brenda, I LOVE your painting! So many beautiful details. I can't wait to see what else you have been creating. You just gave me enough inspiration to MAKE ART this weekend;D

Brenda Figueroa said...

sweet then you and me kid...i be trying to finish my paintings this weekend...! lovely way to spent time!

DD said...

Hello, it's always a pleasure to come to your blog, and it's always a pleasure to read your comments. thank you very much. and good weekend!

Art Play Today said...

This is beautiful Brenda! Love all the details, sentiments and the background is fabulous!

Sofia Dabalsa said...

this is great! I am going to practice mindfulness today!

maya:) said...

i love your art!!!

Brenda Figueroa said...

dancing along with all your sweet comments!!! thank you!