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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reflections of an Art Show

hello there all my sweet artsy friends! here i am with some juicy photos from my recent art show at candler park festival....i also made a video with some of my experiences and reflections from the show, hope you enjoy my little videos as much as i do making them!!!

also dont forget you can watch more of my videos on

thank you for reading and sharing with me this very special  moments

even thou i have to admit is hard work to show your paintings i was in cloud number 9 for sure!

this is a how it look from the outside

this is Denise Sauer and me we both share the booth, it was a sweet experience

this is a piece of furniture that seats at my studio i love it,  i stuff the drawers with fabric and tissue paper and then stack the paintings in it

this is one of the old closet doors i talk on my video, i just spray paint the door and use nail to hang my paintings, a total beautiful solution for hanging your precious paintings

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Art Expression said...

I want you to know I enjoyed your video this morning. Thank you for posting and talking about your experience. Can not wait for the video about making prints. Love the photos too. Bye for now


Linda said...

Hi Brenda! I enjoyed your video and pictures of your show booth. Very cool!

Sofia Dabalsa said...

que bella! you look great and your paintings too! lol! i love the furniture and the set up is beautiful. You did it!

Jacquie Williamson said...

Your booth looks great Brenda. I'm so glad you posted the pics. As much as I've watched your videos, I think this is the first time I've seen your artwork like this. It's just beautiful.

Christianne Teixeira said...

Sweet Brenda, I really enjoyed your video and photos!!! Great tips you´ve gave us!! Thank you! xoxo chris