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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dream Big Painting - Sold

i feel like i have been missing in action, but not really...just so busy this month, with beautifully hectic schedule, art shows, exhibitions, traveling, artist dates....
i have been creating, painting, showing my art, and selling is some of the few designs i have created...
enjoy the eye candy...
and as a beautiful inside i will say to all of you kindred spirit artists get deep in touch with your feelings and the beauty that resides within your heart and soul, when i was painting “Dream Big” i heard the messages from within and wrote them for this girl, as a blessing i was telling her while i was painting; “you are going to a good home” and she did sold, the girl that bought it love the message, and thought it was a beautiful fit for her daughters room!
this is what the message in her skirt says,
Be yourself
follow your path
dream big
reach the top of your highest mountain
and seat there for a while
face your fears
walk away
grow strong
believe in yourself
grow wise
be brilliant
be you
let it go
be fearless
embrace your stars
be at peace
As you can see the message is sweet, and so deep i was really happy the way it turn out, more so i was sure she wouldnt come back home with me....! and she didnt. 

so follow you heart whatever you go, and manifest the beautiful dream inside your heart!!!

Dream BIG!



This Moment said...

She's so beautiful an vibrant, Brenda! I can see why she sold:)


maya:) said...

i really like your work!!you are so talented!!!