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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A fabulous artist date!

hello my fabulous soulmates...i am back with some juicy photos and beautiful soul searching adventures...

i want to share this amazing experience if you watch my videos in you tube a while back (around June 2011) i found this very amazing author name Kimberly Wilson, and her book Tranquilista. i just felt in love with her style her beautiful soul and so candid personality. all the pieces felt into place and i was able to meet her in person and take one of her workshops while visiting my friend Meg who just move back to DC four months ago  i call it beautiful syncronicity!! 

i have since taken her online workshop "the tranquility project" purchase both of her books which are full of savvy and beautiful advice, listen to her podcast and follow her beautiful blog, i just cant have enough

for more about kimberly wilson check her beautiful blog

it was for me an enchanting time, i love to meet in person so many beautiful personalities that enchant me and inspire me and i can now say i was so happy to have the opportunity to be there with a bunch of other girls that are as me in the pursue of inspiration, happiness, and oodles of sharing themselves and their artistic personalities, i travel simply so i didnt bring my big camera or anything like that so the pictures are well what they are but lovely all the same...

kimberly and i

meg in front of tranquil space

this idea "rocks"

love it the loo was so creative

my friend meg "a beautiful soul"

i dont think she wanted me taking her pictures...

girls have fun....
my art journal cover

i write my gratitude list every chance i get..

this is a page of the little sweet notes i get

some photos i have taken previously of my art journaling

i have to say that this way of journaling is such a pleasure to the eyes...i absolutely want to make a different art journal for all the things i like to manifest into my, fashion, home, art, inspiration, ideas...

the possibities are really endless...

"Life is a flower"

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