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Friday, November 25, 2011

A few paintings, a work in progress...

Im so thankful for tiny little things in my life, like time to play around in my studio, time to create, the few precious moments i get to create beautiful little things like this...!

a work in progress, inspire by Christy Tomlinson "She Art Workshop 2"

And a couple of xtra's i have created this past couple of weeks!!

girls are all that sugar, spice, and all things sweet and nice

this little angel is inspire by an old class i took with Suzi Blu, love this little one!

i have a sweet boy at home now,
inspire by my soon to be 2 years old boy,
 people always ask dont you paint boys...? i guess i do!

this little one went away on an auction not sure where, but i know she is  in good hands


Art Expression said...

Love every one of them....I am taking Christy's workshop too,I have not done any yet, was too busy this week, next week hopefuly. = )

April Cole said...

Fantastic, love your paintings!
Thank you for sharing :]

Sofia Dabalsa said...

you know i love you and your work!