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Friday, August 19, 2011

Become a member at my new Ning Network!!! The Luggage Project Classroom will be open August 25!!!!

So I am tired, I have stress out, fall short of my own datelines, etc... but I tell you one thing for sure this part of my life will always be remember as one of the most significant, I have believe on a dream, a vision and I am making it a reality! What a learning curve and all that I have yet to learn Im sure! This experience has been so gratifying I cant even explain it! I so hope for all of you to join me! I can beg you to but I wont! ;-P

I want to share my new network a place for learning and sharing with Kindred Spirits just like you!!!  become a member follow me and my creative play, laugh with me, join me on my silliness! You will be welcome by another kindred spirit friend and I promise you lots of fun, inspiration and kind support! Once you join my network you be able to see the class and join the group!

I am in the process of finishing last minute details of "The Luggage Project" Workshop (like I decided to paint two luggages instead of one) I promise myself with Godspeed I be ready to open classroom by August 25! We be working on two projects. I show you the first luggage bellow, and the second one not finish yet is a smaller version and all pink!!! Adorable!

Here are some photos to show you what we be working on!!!

This is the second project, smaller luggage all pink!!! Not finish yet!!! 

Is so adorable thou I promise you will just love it!!! I am just enjoying this one so muuuuuuuuuuuch!! 

Thank you all for sharing a part of an amazing journey!  From my heart to yours!!!

Become a member at - "A place to join other kindred spirit artist just like you"
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Got to love your third store findings!!!

Today I want to share photos of this beautiful piece of furniture that is now my studio desk! I found it on a road trip to my local third store. I took it home could not resist the is so shabby right now, I love love it! I tell you there is not one piece of furniture in my studio that I have not gotten for a very cheap price. All my furniture is either free, yard sale, or third store finding. I love them more for that reason, something old that just comes home with me to become something prettier!!! 

One of the things I love to do is check out my local third stores, I find so many cute things to shape into something totally different, this desk cost was 28$ a little more expensive that what I normally pay but this was worth every penny, just what I needed for this corner of my studio.