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Friday, September 9, 2011

Yummie Eye Candy!!

Today I want to quickly share some photos of a luggage I have been working on!! Is such a beauty I love it so much!!! Yumminess...Hopefully is eye candy for you all!!!

Here are some photos a the latest luggage I have been working on!!! 

She thinks Heaven is "Pink" is the name of this piece!!

When the Universe You! Listen!! The magic in life is so fabulous....I found this piece of luggage in the side of the street just there waiting for me...I just cant believe it! I pick it up of course brought her home and I already know what she is to become!! Heaven Heaven!! 


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Keeping the balance and staying sane!!

My balance act
balance act....huh??? what do you know about my brain the first thing that comes up is joogling a bunch of balls up in mid air and that is exactly what I am doing...yes sometimes I feel like I cant do it all and that is when I go back to what I know deep deep in my heart!
I write this little message to myself because lately i have been feeling the pressure of things that dont go as you may have thought of... i have this very ambitious plan of growing a community in which i can share all I have to offer to create a positive impact in my life and in those that I touch...well yeah while i make a little bit of money, money that wont break the bank for sure, but i am a SAHM, and i can certainly use the xtra funds to play without feeling I am not contributing to my home, my heaven!! well i am a little dissapointed but not because I have totally fail, is just that I have HUGE BIG DREAMS, i just feel that it could get bigger, that is has potential, that i done my homework sort of speak, i have advertise, promote, push to the point i am sick in the! Maybe i should have ask my fellow and beautiful online teacher if this has potential I still think it does! So I will continue troating and see what happens!!! 
note: {i have beautiful amazing students that if they read this i hope they dont think badly of me for saying this, you gals are just priceless}
So I wrote myself these random cheer me up and here they are! What are yours? Do you have dreams in mid flight too?

write a 100 things to be grateful about that are not money related
And this is what I mean!! How lucky one needs to be to take a walk every morning (like I do) camera in hand see the things I capture with my camera, or to make dolls and be feature in a magazine, or having a wonderful handsome toddler to hug, kiss and love, or to leave in a neighborhood that at night you seat by a fire to hang out...the trees, the fences, the flowers... to know what my favorite gum is, (big red oodles of cinnammon) I AM A LUCKY GIRL AND I KNOW IT! THANK YOU LORD! 

after so many pictures, and hopefully eye candy, this is the rest of my list.... hugs and arts kisses beauties!!

when you are feeling down reach out for pen and paper and write down everything that you have acomplish
if you are feeling down reach for your supporting friends, you know who those are the ones that put a smile in your face, the ones that love what you do, and if you cant think of anybody is time to build that community for you
respect syncronicity
dont give up
write a bucket list, put your dreams in paper
be creative and inventive
get organize
listen to your heart what is it telling you
do yoga
overall dear sweet girl never ever lose your hope!!
thank you for reading, leave me your sweet comments, i like to hear from you
and overall thank you for following my adventures
love the life you are in, after all life is a flower