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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dont Give Up!

do you ever have those days? the days that you just feel like ah!! why am i doing this? x, y, z, fill in your own blank___________________! i do, many times actually! last night i just felt overwhelmed, so many ideas but no creativity, I was in my studio trying....and nothing was coming out of me....and all of the sudden i got this feeling, this voice, saying;  "everything is possible girl" believe....! in fact that little piece of clay laying in the trash can become something beautiful ...

and then i did it!! this little doll so small barely 2 inches the sweet little thing, and it just dawn on me like the sunset when is barely clearing the sky, or the moon in a shiny night, i am a child of God, and with him everything is possible. 

i am his child, i am his little doll in the palm of his hands....he is always with me, and always with you, fear not....dont give up on your dreams!

"Everything is possible for those who believe" Mark 9:23

Happy Sunday!


"Life is a Flower"

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