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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lovely Workshop - The Art of Wild Abandonment

my new art journal cover
this week i had a blast with this new workshop, The Art of Wild Janelle Jacobsen, hosted by Christy Tomlinson, these two girls are just the sweetest love love them! not so sure but i think you can still sign up for the class....!

have to say this girl Junelle is a lovely woman, so inspiring, sweet, makes me giggle to hear her talk, and she gives us this sweet commands in a mommy like sound that really make you get up stop watching and get your supplies out to work along with her...

is funny because i am not use to making the same projects as the teacher do, i like to make up my own, often times causing me to not learn the tecniques, so this time i decided to create kind of the same projects, and work along with her...

for more about Junelle, visit her blog here: Junelle Jacobsen ~ jj a girl smitten with God

for more about sweet Christy, visit her blog here: Christy Tomlinson

bellow are some pictures of what i have been doing, i think im developing a love affair with watercolors, but im not good at it, so learning curve for sure but loving it...

photos were taken with my iphone camera and i use pixlromatic to add the! even if not the best ...! you should try it!

happy saturday



junelle said...

You are a brilliant artist! I am so glad to know you and be inspired by you. You are such a blessing to our class with your happy heart and bright lively colors~ you bring sunshine to our group!

Thank you for your kindness and for being so willing to share. I think getting new inspiration -- your very own inspiration -- is the best thing that can come from a class like this!

Junelle (the Mom! :))

Maria Ontiveros said...

Beautiful work! It's fun to see your pages all together; easier than on facebook. I love your women and clothesline especially.

Brenda Figueroa said...

ah wow such sweet comments warm my heart!!! @ Junelle you are a lovely woman what a beautiful message, thank you! @ Maria, i love to see the photos on facebook, is nice to see them all together thou! yummylicious!

Crisann said...

love the girl w/ the long black hair! i mean, i love them all, but she's definitely my favorite!

Space Cowboy said...


Space Cowboy said...