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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No more photo editing with Picnik....;-) Welcome Pixlr !!!!

hello lovely beautiful soulful friends.... i have a little bit of good news for all of you...!  wondering what are you going to do without picnik? well  yesterday i found out about a place name very nice,  it will do for me for sure, here is some pictures i play with... check out their website here. Free Photo Editing Program

The pictures bellow were edited last night, didnt took long at all...they have a lot of xtra features that i am yet to explore, so i can tell you about those....the simples method is the one i use

This is what i did;

  1. Go to website,
  2. on the tabs menu you will find pixlr express tab
  3. browse for your photo, load it and start playing
  4. tabs they have are
    • adjustment
    • effects
    • overlay
    • borders
    • stickers
    • and text
surely i wont be doing them any justice if i dont tell you that within all of these tabs there is like 10 plus things you can check them out...hope this helps you!


Services are free! So go check them out!

Happy day!


Life is a flower


Linda said...

Thanks for the info Brenda! And as usual, I love admiring your artwork;D

Brenda Figueroa said...

thank you linda....back at you sweetpea....your profile doesnt show when i click on your name i wanted to pay you a visit...what are you up to these days!

Jamie Burch said...

You just made my day! I got a new camera and was searching for a fun program to play with. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Your pics are gorgeous!

Brenda Figueroa said...

@ Jamie hello there girl...thank you so much! what camera you bought? is so nice to always keep a cheapy one in your purse at all times, your iphone camera which i love too....ah my expensive nikon for more special love! all around

Moonie said...

I will miss Picnik. I just think its so cool and super duper easy to get such awesome perfect results. So much better than the love hate relationship I have with photoshop. I have tried to upload it on my iPad but is saying adobe flash player is not compatible on this devise. ??? Any further suggestions

Brenda Figueroa said...

@ moonie hello girl, thank you for stopping by! about your question on photoshop and iPad I'm not an expert, i have an iMac and a macbook and what i can tell you is that photoshop is a large application, and it uses a lot of resources in your system, so it will be frustrating to even try to use it in an iPad. i believe is in the future for apple to offer that but it has to be a very limited software, i mean no different that iPhoto, let me know what you find out love to know!

Shells said...

Thank you for this link, I will be going there right now to have a look.