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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things I heart - Tuesdays

your camera loves you - heart it back!

here is a couple of photos of little things i heart and that my soul can not do without, do you ever go days, weeks even months without taken a photo of your surroundings? Or even more photos that you don't even remember having in your camera? 

that is my story i have beautiful photos like the ones bellow just waiting to be reveal to my soulful eyes, and to you my dear reader....hope you enjoy these photos, and further more that you get inspire to go take a look at your own, and if you don't have any start taking some....what you waiting for? Inspiration awaits!!!

home decor action
i live in the city so this is one is awesome, we do embrace living organically! ;-)
green smooties - trying hard to stay healthy drinking my greens
my sweet son playing in the beach
God is always there with us as it clearly shows in the miracle of this  sunset
tropical flowers at my my mom patio
"lagartija" im looking at you kid
new friends making soulful moments count sweet sofia and i

this last photo is very sweet to my heart. Sofia is one of the miracles of online friendship, i met her last August as we were both taken KRR Flying lessons online, this photo was taken last december as she was visiting Atlanta, GA. ever since she has been a beautiful soul in my life, she has shown support to my dreams, has magnificent ideas that she willingly share, we talk on the phone and share each other thoughtful moments! she is my kindred spirit friend. for more about her visit her own blog, Sofia Dabalsa

these photos make me feel ever so joyful, so happy to share them with all of you!

 what is hiding in your camera?


"Life is a Flower" 

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Sofia Dabalsa said...

sabes que te qiuero. xxx