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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mobile Me is gone and so is my website!

Before I went to bed last night I notice that my website was gone, been redirected to MobileMe is Closed! I knew this was going to happened sooner than later but no I wasn't ready. Now I have to come up with a new website out of my pocket and in a hurry!

Well I wanted to do it and now I have no choice, but to start a photoshoot, find a new server, change domains, and all that good stuff that comes with lots of work...! And yeah I am not ready not do I have time or feel like it...! Having one of those days that I just want to run and hide, but can't!

Say a little prayer for me pretty please so I can actually get things done! Find the inspiration again, and some how continue on this journey!

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I Love Crafts said...

Dear Brenda,you're special and you're human too.Don't worry and everything is going to be alright.Have a nice week!