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Thursday, September 13, 2012

For my Soul Sisters and the Soul Garden Group by lovely teacher Suzi BLU

To my dear soul sisters....and the lovely "Soul Garden class" by my dear kindred spirit teacher Suzi Blu!
My planner - from the Soul Garden Class by Suzi Blu

I want to share my planner with all of you, and tell you a little bit about it!

Also, i want to share my story on how inspiring and special knowing Suzi has been for me and my life as a starting artist...I think a lot of my online friends, know this already, but maybe some dont, about 4 years ago, i was like 5 months pregnant when I got lay off from my job, it was not a bad thing at all, I have already decided that I was not going back to work, that I wanted to pursue other things for my life, staying with my newborn was just one of those very special things....but what does a woman in her 40's do with her time, and when she is pregnant....i turn to journaling, and that is how I found videos of Suzi Blu on you tube....i was enchanted, and I  quickly turn into a follower of this precious woman so full of life who embraces who she is and lets you know it, I  just have a lot to be thankful!

For instance once I gifted Suzi a doll when I met her in person at Inspired 2011 and later she email me to tell me that doll was going to be in her book, i have form beautiful friendships right in my backyard here in Atlanta, and have been so inspire by her witty and enchanting ways...I love her classes, and love to see the evolution of my own art thru her her full of inspirations videos, and the moments that I just giggle with her ways just as if she was right there with me! 

I have to say what I like about her the most  is that she is real, she shares with you not only the good, and puffy stuff of her life as a successful artist but also her struggles that characteristic in a person and specially in an artist is what makes her in my eyes so inspirational, and i like to support her by sharing with all of you! You can find out about Suzi classes in her academy at Suzi Blu's Les Petite Academy

Here are the photos of the planner we been working in her Soul Garden Class, the classroom is full of woman that are just like you and me, is a group looking to be in charge of their lives in a very artistic way, i really enjoy reading the comments, watching the videos, chatting and getting inspire by this wonderful and inspiring girls! Sometimes all you need to achieve your to have the believe that you can do it....and the supports of wonderful people telling you YES YOU CAN! And with that I have to thank my soul friend Bindy who text me here and there just when i need to hear it again....thank you Bindy!!! That is what I found in this group....come join us!

This is the first page as you open my planner

this is the beginning of the planner, starting in August

this is the page i place my goals....

in this envelope i have my gratitude list

this is the page i have my rewards pocket

this page is for my husband and I relationship

in here i have my to do list....and some inspiring papaya art from and old calendar

a page for my daughter and I

this is the seed pocket for my daughter and i relationship goal

some of my seeds pockets...

this is the end of September calendar

in this pocket i have place some things that are inspiring at the moment

this is a pocket that has all my stickers and embelishments i am using at the moment in this planner

the very back page of my planner i keep quotes and things like that

This is the back of the book i have pens in there that I can use in my planner

So that is all i have to share for now....Besos!



Christianne Teixeira said...

My sweet Brenda, I missed you!!!!! So glad to hear from you. Suzi rocks!!! I am really happy for you, you are a great artist and I love your artwork. Warm hugs my dear friend. Love you xoxo

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Just beautiful sweetie! always thinking of you. love the pictures!

Joanne said...

Loved this post about how Suzi inspires you...I feel the same way about her. It is one of the reasons I traveled to dd Inspired last year. I was blessed to meet you as well! I'm so glad you are doing well. I continue to follow you and love your art!

Joanne in Minnesota

SANTIAGO said...

Wow... what an awesome planner! Thank you for sharing your art.