My Artsy Life

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Dolls - Eye Candy

here is a couple of photos of my new dolls....i have been working on preparing myself for the new workshop i will be offerings...!

playing with dolls pretty magical for me...

so here is a couple of photos, that really dont do them justice..!!!

Soy una Artista "im an artist"

she her own portafolio, and sketch book total cuteness...her hat is removable with her own fake ponny tail...adorable!
wish you could see the details....!

this precious little lamb was going to be a bunny and all of the sudden i couldnt get lambs of my mind....the process of creation is a precious one...

can you see her little tail...this girlie lamb is adorable...!

happy thursday....!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things I heart Tuesdays with a twist

i have such a joyful week, this are some of the things i have done that really call on my heart...lovely times

spring is in the air and so is the pollen....! but medicine over the counter and i was ready to play outside with my son, this week i work on my watercolor fetish...skecth, watch my son play outisde!!! ah so many cute things to do with time!

lovely girl inspire by a magazine article on Art Doll yummylicious, watercolor blessings

this little one will love to be outside playing all day long.....

so i set up my own play station outside to play myself - thank God for wireless internet

sketch love....ah!

love love love 

my new vintage luggage on the works

so this is it for this week lovely moments....