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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Doll Retreat - Giveaway "10 spots"

Hello my dear kindred spirits!!

The moment is here, a new challenge I impose upon myself to create.....creativity moves me to the core, does that happen to you to? The Doll Retreat Class is ready to go!!! Starting April 15, 2012 and open indefinelty you can sign up at any time...! Held on my ning network; (you must be a member to participate)

I want to share my upheavals and my moments of doubt as I have started this new journey,  its not easy I tell you that, to balance the moments I get to create, with been a mom, a wife, a friend and an artist!

Yeah I know I am not alone is this journey. Working on this class was very challenging, and almost scary, all those thoughts am I good enough? who do you think you are? and bla bla blah in my head meeting my heart! Not to mention the serious doubts can I be successful!? What is success anyway? To me is that willingness in our hearts to go for it, learn in the process....right? Well that is what it is for me!

Why am I doing this? I can only tell you, I seriously believe that anybody out there that is willing to embark in a creative journey wholeheartely will soon find an incredible peace in their hearts..that will fill their lives with joy. So wheter I am succesfull or not, I want to share it, because I know for a fact, that art heals, that this is my story. Creativity and I found each other and healing the scatter pieces of me came soon after. So this is not the time to give up I say! I have a dream, and I will live it to the very last moment, and that moment will stay far away as long as I continue to believe in the healing powers of a creative life. My life and also yours if you let it!


Mother -  Daugher Group  - 5 spots
I want to celebrate by given away 5 spots, to a mother - daughter group, let me explain, I want to give the gift of crafting together, experiencing been together while learning, sharing, imagining, creating something pretty to remind you of special time "Mothers Day" All you have to do is leave me a comment of why you believe creating together will help you, heal you, whatever you think it may be....!
 5 Other spots !!!
The other 5 spots Im given away are for those that talk about "moi" in their blogs, a link to  this page, or a link to my promo video will be fine, and then share it on your Facebook page! Just share your links with me in the comment section and that is all.

On April 25, April 30 (mark your calendars) I will draw 10 winners from the people that left their comments on this post - I will post the winners here in this blog! If you want to become a follower that will be awesome!!!!

Celebrate your life!!