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Monday, April 30, 2012

List of Winners of the "Doll Retreat Workshop"

Hello my dear Kindred Spirits!

As promise here is a list of the winners of a spot in my "Doll Retreat Workshop"

Mother / Daughter

  • Kelly Lynn and Mom
  • Karen Ellis and Daughter
  • Lena and Daughter
  • Juli and Mom
  • Kimpm1 and Daughter
  • Iris Perez and Daughter
For the single spot on the "Doll Retreat Workshop"
  • Beansieleigh
  • Carla Scheffer
  • Rachel Payne
  • Katt aka LaLa
  • Jade Scarlett

And three extras for leaving and sharing such soulful comments!
  • I Love Crafts
  • Alex
  • Gill
Now all you have to do is;
  1. Sign up at my ning network; go to, become a member if you are not one already!
  2.  Send me an email to,, subject, "WDRW" (winner doll retreat workshop) with the email you are using to sign up in the network and I will send you an invite!
  3. Once you get the invite, click on the link provided, request to join the group, and I will approve on my end and thats all....hope you get to create beautiful dolls that give you happiness and pleasure when you look at them...!  

Art Hugs!!!