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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amazing the life of an artist is....

As I look thru my blog, my life as an artist, my paintings, what I have learned along the way...I notice a beautiful evolution. I still find myself not in the place I want to be, my art still looking like a resemblance of what I like in other artist, yet to find my own style. I realize that I know what I like, and know what I want I just have to go after it, not chasing it, but really embracing it, to be unafraid of my own style of what others may want or like and just be create what makes me dance with happiness.
Yesterday I walk to the park for a festival on Ponce de Leon,  so happy I took photos along the way enchanted with the beauty of this city, the trees in full bloom the bright sun shining is beautiful light...have I always notice these things before? And I realize this is life, this very precise moment what Im doing right at this moment....!  I was inspire to share hence 3 post in one day!

inspire by Matisse "studying under the masters" with Jeanne Oliver

the girl within

inspire by Matisse

i love her, she reminds me of the flower blooming within all of us women

inspire by Misty Mawn

and so it is..... I go on creating the life I want to live!

a song for you Damien Rice - "The blowers daughter"

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Alina said...

Hi Brenda, I took a class from Christie (She Art #2) and I wanted to let you know how much I love your suitcase tutorial. I also LOVE your dolls. Hope you will have future tutorials on how to make them! You are some talented lady :0)