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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am back! With lots of News!!!

I cant believe how long is been since my last post! A lot has happen, the other day I found someone online that really inspire me to write, and to share. Something random, but very impressive! Sometimes that is all it takes one moment of inspiration that shakes you up!  I love to write, but I am very afraid to do it online, because I think that I am not good enough, that my English is not good enough, but it is, and frankly I want to share my thoughts, my fears, my believes, what I think about, share my art and what I do,  I use to before, but I was also comparing myself which I am conscious of not doing it anymore.

So much to share so little time it seems, I have so many accomplishments under my belt this year and as it approaches the end, and the New YEAR shows up around the corner I want to share with all of you. Is early morning and I have seen the Sun Rise seating in my studio, and the moon saying goodbye as I come up the stairs. Getting up early is the key to me having a successful day, if  I don't have the time to brew a peppermint tea, or a yerba-matte with honey and almond milk, I know I wont be a happy camper, ah I miss my coffee I wont denied it, But I dont miss my heart rapidly palpitating after a coffee I quit coffee....! YEAH! I quit many bad habits this year, Thank GOD!

Is been long, wow since April when I last posted a blog, is not like I dont write, 100 journals will tell you the opposite, (more on that later I cant wait to show you all of my journals)  is just that I have been busy with becoming who I really want to be, facing fears mostly, been brave, and totally reinventing myself.  And for that my dear  I dont know if it is the years passing by, or that we get more mature as we age, or just something clicks inside, but how do I feel like my body and I belong in the same space, is a wonderful feeling. So in May I decided to quit my job teaching small kids, a precious little job in which I make beautiful friends who I treasure, and one that allow me to be near my son who just turn 5 year old. I had a lot of mix emotions, but did it anyway. I quit and decided to go back to school to study Art Education, and 2 days ago I finish finals. Is been crazy beautiful the experience as a 45 year old woman going back to school again with all these young adults becoming, and a few other adults just as me, I made friends, and I have learned my dear friends, and that is what my life is about learning each and every day more and more, never satisfied. That is me.

I am excited with my decision to come back to the online world with renew energies, a new found love for the art that has change my life for sure, and a desire to share it all fearlessly! 

So be on the look out,  I will be posting my art,  journals,  ideas, and possibly workshops. I am going to actually re-post on a blog format the workshops I did in 2010! Working slowly like a turtle, so be patient, if you took this classes and pay for them in the past, I will admit you for free, so no worries! 

I am in the process of changing my website, opening a little online store for my art and video classes. So lots to do, and very happy and excited about it!

As I write all of this a little voice in my head speaks.... and I have to tell it to be quiet! Cause I am not going to quit my dreams, Im going to do what I love doing!!!  I have to fight the fear! We all do! What is your little voice telling you? What dream awaits?

Happy Wednesday!!!
P.s. dont be surprise to see another post come really quickly cause I am in a mode of sharing!!!

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