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Friday, December 12, 2014

My books of Poems!

Tonight I want to share with you a special book I have in my collection of about a 100 journals. (no kidding)

This one is a book of poems, or quotes. I was inspire by my mother who use to keep one when I was young, I remembering asking her for this book and she didn't remember what happen to it. But I do, I thought it was the most beautiful thing to do, to collect beautiful quotes, and messages. I should interview her see what did this idea come from, why she did it. Well I think I will do that. To me is a a beautiful memory, I know it was important for her because she would let me keep it, I remember sneaking in a few minutes here and there to read the content, I wish I remember some of it. Hers was in a composition notebook, nothing fancy only the words inside.

Here is mine now, inspire on her, with a few additions, the creative in me, can not help it. I just have to embellish.

I cover the composition book with a vintage paper.
The feather came from a hair arrangement I wear once for the Inman Parade Festival.


I burn the edges of the pages, and stain the entire notebook with tea, 

added lavender and let dry for days

And is not entirely fill yet, but is going to be a lovely book once is finish. So far it has a collection of my favorites; Anne Frank, Rainier Maria Rilke, Joseph Campbell, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Pablo Neruda, Victor Hugo, Anais Nin, Thoreau, Gibran, Mary Oliver, Marilyn Monroe, Picasso, Oprah, it has also quotes from movies I love...! Let me share a few.

Aimless Wanderer from the movie Mona Lisa, starting Julia Roberts

But to change for others is to lie for yourself
I've heard her bee called a quitter for leaving...
an aimless wanderer
But not ll who wander are aimless
Especially those who seek truth
beyond tradition
beyond definition
beyond the image...

and another one of my favorite quotes...

"Listen - are you breathing just a little and calling it a life"

"I want to write, but more than that, I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart" - Anne Frank

"It takes courage to do what you want other people have a lot of plans for you" - Joseph Campbell

Hope you like the post! If you do let me know what you think!!!

Have a good night!


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