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In here I show you a free tutorial on how to altered a composition book! hope you all enjoy it!


Ziavella said...


I just watched your video on your composition book. I loved it and I am ready to do a couple for myself. I love the way you teach; you explain everything that you do, step by step. I have a question. What did you use to seal the cover after you were done with the painting??? Also, why do you use Modd Podge instead of Matte Medium? Are they the same?
Thank you,
Zia Velez

Brenda Figueroa said...

@ Ziavella, hi there, nice comment thank you! I use mod podge and matte medium mod podge is more sticky and a lot cheaper and to me it does almost the same, if i am in a fancy mode i use matte medium, is more delicate! to seal the cover you can spray paint a sealer but i normally use polyurethane (get it at your local hardware store) but you should also be aware that brushes need to be clean right away or you will have to trash them! So using gloves and a paper napkin is a good choice!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Thank you for these tutorials, Brenda.
I love your style and patience when showing how to make this lovely composition book.
Teresa in California